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– The Adams Picture Library Collection –

A unique photo library with a wide collection of thousands of images across all subjects. We have a particularly original selection of retro and kitsch fashion images dating back over several decades as well as new contemporary work.

Calling all APL photographers

It’s been a LONG time, apologies for going ‘off the radar’ for so long, I so hoped I would be able to steadily scan all the fabulous transparencies in the old library by now, however reality check this takes an army of diligent worker ants, more than 24 hours in a day and large financial input to pay all the hard working scanning, retouching, keywording and marketing team. This sadly was not how the past 2 decades (!) panned out. I have a huge amount of passion for the photographs and feel as if I’ve let all you (the APL Contributors) down. I don’t know what John Adams promised, back in the Soho ‘living life to the full’ days – but the stock library world is definitely a different beast now. Anyway I have kept the library contents safe, with the occasional whiff of interest, however I really want to try to return as many transparencies as possible to whoever wants them back. As some of you know I have taken on this labour of love, however the task becomes more frustrating when I cannot track down contact details for a particular photographer.

If you do know that you submitted transparencies to Adams Picture Library over the past 40+ years and have not updated your contact details with me recently, please could you email me so that I can update my database.

Many thanks & best wishes to you all, I look forward to hearing from you.

Tamsyn Jarvis